Captioning Standards and Guidelines

Departments are responsible for ensuring the following content is accessible:

  • Videos posted on public web pages (e.g., UArizona’s website, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, iTunesU, etc.) must be captioned (*auto-generated captions are not sufficient).
  • Content that requires NetID login and is mandatory for UArizona students or employees should be accessible.
  • In some instances, audio description of videos may be required.
  • Use a captioning request statement
Content intended for the public Must be captioned. *Auto-generated captions are not sufficient.
Content not intended for public viewing, but posted on a public site (e.g., YouTube, website, etc.) Consider restricting access with NetID or other secure options with the statement listed below, allowing viewers to request captions as needed.
Outdated content currently posted on a publicly available site Review and please consider removing or archiving it.
For content in the development stage Plan and budget for accessibility
For live streamed events (webinars, ceremonies, Facebook Live, etc.) Follow our Communication Access Guidelines.


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