Guidelines and Standards

University Commitment & Obligation to EIT Access

The University of Arizona is both committed and obligated to providing equal educational opportunities and full participation to individual with disabilities, which includes achieving a barrier-free electronic and information technology (EIT) environment.

Purchasing and Procurement

It is University practice to purchase only electronic and information technology (EIT) that is equally accessible to disabled and non-disabled users, unless it is technically unfeasible to do so in which case an accessible alternative must be provided. Purchases made through the request for bid (RFB) process, as well as items purchased by PCard and purchase order, should be evaluated for their accessibility.

Email Accessibility

The University is committed, and in some instances, required to ensure accessibility of electronic and information technology, including electronic communication (email). Since the University relies on email as a significant vehicle for communicating important information, accessible email is essential for the inclusion and participation of all students, employees, and other members of the University community.

University Commitment to Captioning

The University is committed to ensuring that information is accessible to everyone who uses University resources, including students, faculty and staff, campus visitors and visitors to University-supported websites. Captioning and/or transcription is an essential part of ensuring access to audio/video materials, and in some cases is required by federal law.