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We are here to support you in the UA's goal of ensuring an accessible electronic environment on campus. We will work with you as you are developing programs, investigating new technologies to include for staff or student use, creating documents for campus information and we're happy to answer all questions.  

EIT Access: A Community Commitment

Ensuring equal and effective electronic and information technology access requires all of us: faculty, staff, administrators, and students.Technology is a part of almost every aspect of our work and academic environments which means we all have a roll to play.

Mission, Vision and Goals


The mission of the itAccessibility Program is to serve as a resource to the University community in achieving an accessible electronic and information technology (EIT) environment. Through consultation, resource development, and training, the itAccessibility Program will address accessibility in the following areas:

Maturity Model

The itAccessibility Program team began its work by researching approaches used to assess, promote, enhance, and monitor the accessibility of large electronic and information technology (EIT) systems. Through our research we discovered the work of the Business Disability Forum Technology Taskforce and One Voice for Accessible ICT.

itAccessibility Team

The itAccessibility Program includes both a Leadership Team and a Steering Committee whose members are listed below. For support or consultation, please contact a member of the itAccessibility Team at itAccessibility@email.arizona.edu 

Executive Summaries and Reports

itAccessibility Program:  Annual Report: 2014 – 2015



Enterprise / Campus-Wide services

Main Library- captioning; search engine accessibility (Summon); library tutorials OIA- Panopto accessibility (including outreach to company); Synchronous Meeting Tool RFP committee