Website Accessibility

Taming the Wild West of Dynamic Content

Most modern screen readers today handle dynamic content quite well on the web. This used to not be the case but as of early 2015 all shipping screen readers are now much better at handling dynamic content. However, there are some things to consider when designing your sites for accessibility that present dynamic content (especially content that changes without user interaction). Consider the following:

Use Accessible Content Management System

Wordpress and Drupal are two of the best content management systems available that have very good accessibility features. The issue with using a content management system is not the core CMS but rather the data that is put into CMS. Careful considerations should be considered when developing your content to make sure that is inclusive for everyone who visits your site. Consider the following resources for content management systems:

Testing Accessibility of your content

Web Accessibility Validation Tools

Siteimprove (UA License) WAVE Web Accessibility Tool Complete List of Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools Human testing is crucial. Use multiple screen readers and testing methodologies to ensure accessibility across a wide spectrum.

Captioning Resources and Tutorials

Disability Resources is your first resource when using or developing audio/video materials: or 520.621.3268.

Audio Description

Audio Description (AD) is for individuals with visual disabilities and refers to the insertion of audio content to relay important visual details. Information in an audio description should be provided in a way that does not interfere with other audio such as dialog or sound effects. Audio description allows a person with vision impairments to fully understand the visual content delivered via video or live performance.