Microsoft Office

Testing Accessibility of your content

Web Accessibility Validation Tools

Siteimprove (UA License) WAVE Web Accessibility Tool Complete List of Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools Human testing is crucial. Use multiple screen readers and testing methodologies to ensure accessibility across a wide spectrum.

MS Office Accessibility - PowerPoint and Word

Techniques for Word and PowerPoint:

Add alternate text (alt text) to images and objects, this includes SmartArt graphics Hyperlink text should be easy to understand Edit the hyperlink so that it contains a title for the link along with the link's location. Consider including the link for those who are viewing a printed version of the document

Email Accessibility

The University is committed, and in some instances, required to ensure accessibility of electronic and information technology, including electronic communication (email). Since the University relies on email as a significant vehicle for communicating important information, accessible email is essential for the inclusion and participation of all students, employees, and other members of the University community.