Email Accessibility

The University is committed, and in some instances, required to ensure accessibility of electronic and information technology, including electronic communication (email). Since the University relies on email as a significant vehicle for communicating important information, accessible email is essential for the inclusion and participation of all students, employees, and other members of the University community.

Disability Resources (520.621.3268; is your resource for ensuring email communication is accessible. Contact DRC for assistance in:

  • Identifying when accessibility is mandated by federal law
  • Creating accessible messages and attachments sent via email

Email that must be accessible

All email sent from a University account should be accessible. The University is obligated to ensure accessibility of email messages and attachments that are:

  • Sent globally to all students or employees
  • Sent specifically to any student, employee, or community member who has received a disability-related accommodation regarding accessibility in electronic communication. 

Creating Accessible Email:

  • Use HTML
  • Select accessible background and foreground colors to ensure good color contrast
    • Avoid text over an image
  • Do not rely solely on images to communicate information. If images are necessary:
    • identify the image with an alternative text (alt text) attribute and/or
    • provide text from the image within the email message itself, and/or
    • include a link to an accessible online version of the content, and/or
    • attach an accessible version of the content to the email.
  • Identify hyperlinks with descriptive text; do not use "click here"
  • Use color carefully
    • Convey emphasis through use of a symbol or language, not only through color
    • Ensure sufficient color contrast between email foreground (text or graphics) and background
  • If the email is long or includes lists, use the built-in formatting styles to provide a logical reading order
  • Create an accessible signature and, if you have an image in your signature, make sure it has alternative text added

Good practice regarding email

  • Write and forward only accessible email
  • Create email text that is mobile friendly

Additional Resources

If you require further information please email the University's IT Accessibility team at